This is who we are...

About us was started like most things in life, out of necessity. While embarking on our first steps into the Hotwife lifestyle we found it difficult connecting with like-minded people. I mean yeah sure, there are plenty of lifestyle sites, some of which have been around since the start of the internet. We found that although there are many, there was not one specific to our requirements.

We wanted a place where we could share openly and not be judged, we wanted to explore using a modern platform, we wanted to find normal people and not be bombarded with pornographic adverts, we wanted a place that was Stag and Vixen specific, couple focused and with UK only membership… We could not find such a place, so we made

We set the tone and made a safe, secure place, to meet and share. We’re not saying you won't get the odd dick picture sent to you, however, we have created more of a community feel than anything else. Meet, converse, be open. It’s as simple as that. Have views about Hotwifing? Share them here. Raises fewer questions than sharing with your vanilla friends on Facebook.

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

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