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Welcome to our FREE, modern, privacy-focused network for people who have a common interest in the Hotwife lifestyle. Share your views, content and partners with like-minded people. New to the lifestyle? here you can make friends and share with others.

A free UK community of people who share a common interest… Swingers welcome. We believe that the lifestyle should be open and safe for all, being able to fulfil your fantasies has never been so much fun! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Hotwife lifestyle

What is the hotwife lifestyle?

A hotwife is a married woman who has sexual relationships outside of her marriage, with the full knowledge and consent of her husband. The man himself doesn’t have affairs in normal hotwifing protocol but there are exceptions. Predominantly, hotwifing is the wife-sharing arrangement or act of carrying out these known affairs.

What is a Stag and Vixen?

The Vixen, often called the ‘Hotwife’, has sex the ‘Bull’ (the 3rd party male) with the encouragement and consent of her husband or boyfriend. Another scenario is that the Vixen has sex with a Bull outside of the couple’s shared agreement. Whilst this is considered cheating by some, some Stags are ok with this as long as the Vixen comes home and recounts all the details in a blow-by-blow account with intricate descriptions of events which will turn the Stag on, each couples take on this can be different and its about what works and is fun for you.

The stag gets a thrill from watching his vixen be pleasured by another man and often joining in, giving the vixen the best experience possible. The Stag will take pleasure from his Vixens pleasure and the relationship is built on trust.

Hotwife lifestyle
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